Frequently asked questions of our web site hosting
Find immediate answers to questions you have regarding our web site hosting below. Here you will find several frequently asked questions that many of our customers have asked us regarding our web site hosting.

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Below we have provided answers to several common frequently asked questions regarding logging in, sending e-mail and using domains with our web site hosting solution. We have received many of these questions from customers of our web site hosting solution and have shared them with you here. If you are unable to locate the answer to your questions feel free to contact us for assistance.

Where do I access the control panel to edit settings and user accounts for my web site?

You can access the control panel by opening the cPanel Control Panel. Simply login with the username and password for the web site account you wish to access. The control panel allows you to make changes to your web site, manage user accounts, e-mail addresses and view monthly resource usage.
Where do I access the MySQL database to make changes to my database tables?

You can access the phpMyAdmin interface by opening the cPanel Control Panel. Simply login with the username and password for the database account you wish to access, and then click on the phpMyAdmin button.
Where do I access the web mail feature to read and send e-mail with?

You can access the web mail feature by opening the Web Mail page. Simply login with the username and password for the e-mail account you wish to access.
I am trying to read and send e-mail with Microsoft Outlook but it does not work, how do I fix this?

When sending and receiving e-mail, use the mail server : and the username is in the format of Where '' is the actual domain for your web site and where 'username' is the actual username for that e-mail account. Finally, select the option 'My outgoing server requires authentication' within Microsoft Outlook.
I can read e-mail but cannot send e-mail with Outlook, how do I fix this?

You may receive an error : The connection to the server has failed. Account '', Server '', Protocol SMTP, Port 25, Secure(SSL) No, Socket Error 10060, Error Number 0x800CCC0E. To prevent spam most Internet Service Providers block port 25 when sending e-mail, change the Outgoing Server to port 26 to send e-mail.
Some of the e-mail people send to me never arrives, what happened to my e-mail?

You may have an overly aggressive e-mail filter setup which attempts to remove junk e-mail; occasionally the filter may delete valid e-mails. If you wish to turn filtering off for your web site, open the cPanel Control Panel and login, then click 'MAIL' > 'E-Mail Filtering' and remove the filters which might be causing the problem.
What is the absolute file path to my web site's home directory?

The absolute file path is at: /home/username/public_html/ where 'username' is the actual login username for your web site. The absolute path may be required for certain php script installations.
Do I need a domain name to use your hosting service?

Yes, we require all hosting accounts to have a domain name. Domains are affordable, give your company a unique identity online and can be purchased from several sources online. We recommend purchasing domains directly from us as we handle the registration, purchase and automatic renewal of your domains.
I recently signed up, what domain name servers should my domain point to?

Make certain to point your domain to the name servers NS1.PGWARE.COM and NS2.PGWARE.COM, otherwise your domain will not resolve to our servers correctly and result in your web site being down longer than necessary.
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